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22S-875 Roll Coater

Roll Coater & Roll Coating Equipment

Black Bros. Roll Coater and Roller Coating equipment are state of the art machines that are durable and reliable. These roll coaters and glue spreaders offer system matched productivity and easy maintenance. Uniform coverage means higher productivity, optimum quality, and minimal scrap.


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The 22D-875 Roll Coater


22D-875 Roll Coaters / Glue Spreaders

Our featured roll coater is the 22D-875 Roll Coater, this roller coater is one of the most admired models in our line of quality equipment. Our 22D-875 roll coaters can be found in plants all over the world, still operating reliably over 40 or 50 years on the job. Black Bros. 22D-875 roll coaters can coat the heaviest substrates in the most rugged environments or use its precision to achieve extreme accuracy of coating weights. Standard sizes start at 44? (1118 mm) and run to 74? (1880 mm) wide. Built to provide service 24/7, with a heavy duty welded steel frame. The Black Bros. 22D-875 glue spreader uses an 8.75-inch (222 mm) coating roll.

Optional Equipment

Top and Bottom Direct Coating | Roll Coating Equipment | Black Bros

  • Air lift to raise top rolls 3? (76 mm)
  • Riser base – increases pass line height for in-line operation
  • Single handwheel doctor roll adjustment (Note: includes digital read-out)
  • Single, Top, Bottom, Direct & Reverse Roll Coating
  • Auto-elevator raise and lower
  • Centralized lubrication system
  • Automatic roll cleaning
  • Liquid level control with optional pump
  • Non-stick coating of guards, tables and end seal plates
  • Caster arrangement for mobility
  • Special paint to meet customer preference


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